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Cod: 677
Producator: Sigma
Cod producator: EEG58
In stoc: Nu
Garantie: 24 luni
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Detalii produs Sistem NEUROWERK EEG58 (configuratia poate fi cu desktop sau mobil cu laptop)

01                        1,00  NG02-2001-58NEUROWERK EEG58 desktop
made up of:
.1            1,00  NG02-1001-58NEUROWERK EEG58 Kit
- digital amplifier EEG40+ incl.
40 EEG channels incl. reference,
11+5 polygraphic channels, 1 ambient light, 1 temperature
- optical isolated network cable for connection to PC
- medical grade power supply with connector for photic stimulator
- stand for head box
- NEUROWERK CENTER patient and recording data base
- NEUROWERK EEG recording and review software
- NEUROWERK EEG viewer software for free installation on each PC
- Software-DVD English
.2            1,00        NG02-5000-1 NEUROWERK EEG Accessories
20x EEG bridge electrode
20x EEG electrode cable
2x EKG wrist electrodes
2x EKG electrode cablel
2x ear electrodes
1x EEG headcap
.3            1,00        NG00-1000-1 NEUROWERK PC Station
- Case Silverstone Desktop SST-LC13S, Power adapter 450 Watt ATX Major LowNoise, Mainboard MSI CSM B85M-E45 Mikro-ATX, CPU Intel Core i3-4130 3.4 GHz, RAM DDR3 4 GB Kingston, HD 500 GB S-ATA II WD
- DVDR Samsung SH 224BB, Digitus DN-10130 network adapter, WINDOWS7 Professional OEM, DVD
Mouse, mouse pad, keyboard
Display 23" DELL P2314H
Device software pre-installed
PC according to EN 55011, EN 61000-3-2 und EN 61000-3-3. (rights for changes according to the technical progress are reserved)
4.                            1,00        NG00-3000-1      Isolation transformer 400 VA
1,9 A, 220V/50 Hz, with temperature protecting switch EN 60601-1 compatible
5.                            1,00        NG00-4000-1 NEUROWERK Network Review Licence
NEUROWERK CENTER network licence, 1 user, Version 10 - for Windows 7 und 10
Patient Data Base, EEG/EMG review software with report function depending on recording station
The review licence can be installed on any PC station, so the review software is available on several PC stations. Administration without USB hard lock (Dongle)
MINIMUM hardware requirements: CPU Intel min. 2.4 GHz, RAM 2 GB, WINDOWS 7prof. ,
TFT resolution min. 1280 x1024, RECOMMENDED 1920x1080
6.                            1,00        NG02-5001-11NEUROWERK Photic Stimulator F40
LED flash lamp, flash frequency 1 - 60Hz
with swivel arm 385 x 400mm aluminium, anodized and metal holding fixture for NW trolley
Optic fiber and PC interface (PC Slot adapter) for optic trigger input
(TTL with surcharge)
     1,00        NG00-2000-1      Trolley Type E
4 castors diameter 75 mm (2 lockable),
height: 780mm
keyboard drawing, back side cover
    1,00        37PKABEL            Potential compensation cable 4qmm, 5m
with terminal lug 6.4 mm and clamp
7.                            1,00        NG02-5001-6+NEUROWERK FS Stand w. cable
consist of:
    .1            1,00        NG02-5001-6 NEUROWERK FS Stand
mobile, adapter for swivel arms depending on type of stimulator
    .2            1,00        37-SA-1003   1:1 Connecting Cable Extension
for photic stimulators FS 10-2L and F40
NG02-1000-36-Option2 CPAP
incl. sensor and 2x2m connection tubes
NG02-1000-40-Option1 SpO2/etCO2
Extension for DB26+ / DB40+ / DB80+ with connection for:
SaO2 sensor and EtCO2 module
without sensors
NG02-1000-40-Modul2 etCO2
for connection to DB26+ / DB40+ / DB80+
without nasal adapter (consumables)

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