Aparatura diagnostic » HEINE BETA 200 RETINOSCOPE - slit - 2.5V - C-034.10.118

HEINE BETA 200 RETINOSCOPE - slit - 2.5V - C-034.10.118

Vizualizari:   2736

Cod: 481
Producator: Gima
Cod producator: 31745
In stoc: Da
Garantie: 24
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Detalii produs With parastop for finding the neutralization point (US pat.5,859,687): precise, easy selection of a parallel beam - dustproof: maintenance free - single control for vergence and rotation: comfortable operation - Integrated polarisation filter: eliminates stray light and internal reflexes for a brighter pupilling reflex - streak or spot retinoscope: simply by changing the bulb - XHL (xenon halogen technology): bright, white light. Bright fundus reflex, easy recognition of neutralization point - ergonomic shape: protects the examiner's orbita from stray light