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Cardico 601 Color LCD

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Cod: 621
Producator: Kenz
Cod producator: cardico601
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Garantie: 24
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Detalii produs
Cardico 601 5.7" Color LCD 

5.7 inch Touch Screen Operation and Patient Data Entry
Direct Connection with Epson Printer*
Mega Memory : Internal 200 + Removeable USB 20,000/8G (Resting ECG Records)
Network Interface : LAN
Arrhythmia Monitoring & Summary up to 15 minutes
C601 + Epson printer* 12ch ECG with A4 size paper
  *Optional Features

Touch Screen Operation
Patient information and operational setting conditions
can be entered by touching with a finger.


Arrhythmia Monitoring and Summary Mode
The mode is to display and print out the full disclosure, histogram and summary report for Supra-Ventricular Premature Contraction,Ventricular Premature Contraction and Atrial Fibrillation by recording selected single lead for the selected period from one to fifteen minutes monitoring for a patient suspected arrhythmia.
Autonomic Nervous System Test (ANS Test)
The Cardico 306/601 are equiped with the simplified examination for Autonomic Nervous System Test (ANS Test) based on Cyclic Variation of R-R Interval (CVRR) monitoring for 3 minutes or 500 beats.
CVRR is a variation coefficient that is a guide to suspect autonomic nervous system dysfunction.
ECG Data Management System
KENZ ECG DATA VIEWER CVS* enables to build ECG network and database system among ECG exam room, hospital wards and doctor's offices.